Photo Essay: The Bridges of Monteverde

As a part of my program in Costa Rica, I had the unique opportunity to do a 5-day “Independent Study Project.” I chose to do an immersive Spanish class and absolutely loved it. As a part of the course, I was required to create a “photo essay” on a theme of my choice in the local community of Monteverde. I went to Monteverde with my father and brother on a vacation years ago and remembered how beautiful the suspended bridges were. I decided to go on another tour of the five SkyWalk bridges and take photos of what I found most beautiful.

In addition to these photos I took, I did some thinking about the bridges; their social, economic, and environmental effects on Monteverde. Tourism is the largest part of the economy in Monteverde and is closely connected with the conservation efforts of the city and the country as a whole. Just like bridges serve the purpose of connecting point A to point B, I believe that the beauty, conservation, and economy are closely interconnected and act as bridges within each other, from a socioeconomic standpoint.

Below are the photos I decided to use in my photo essay, which I presented in Spanish to community members of Monteverde at the Monteverde Institute, a non-profit organization with a mission to advance sustainable living at both local and global levels through place-based education, applied research, and community outreach programs. I hope that you are able to see the beauty in the bridges and what they have done for Monteverde as a whole.



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